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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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that threatens to overshadow his legacy n 2010 during a visit in evening lnld, pope benedict offered one of many apologies to the victims of the sex abuse. >> i express my deep sorrow to innocent victims of this unspeakable crime he was also the first pope to meet with victims. but for some of them, his actions came too late. >> no i don't think he did m enough. >> tim loneon is with survivor's network. before leading the church benedict was in charge of investigating claims of sexual abuse. in the 1985 letter to the diocese of oakland, despite hard evidence that father steven kesel was molesting children, he refused to refrock him without further
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study. that is his signature. he says ratsinger did not act until receiving order from pope john paul ii. >> he was not able to do much. john paul ii tended to be more skeptical about all accusations of sex abuse he says when benedict was elected in 2005, he was more willing to take action against these priests and make it more public. lennon arks bused when he was 13 says he popes a -- hopes a new pope will bring accountability to the catholic church. >> i can only hope it's an opportunity for the church to demonstrate a moral authority as open qlos yosed to being in the done jen of it's vile corruption that, i believe sit now. >> and by the way this cost the catholic church more than $2 billion in settlements.
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>> thank you very much. book makers are already putting odds on the next pope with cardinals from gauna, nigeria and canada from early favorites. canadian cardinal has 7-2 odds. and nigerian cardinal has nine to two odds. yim hill has a similar split. >> one clergiman plans on voting for the next pope though he is banned from public duties. cardinal roger mahony used to have the archdiocese of los angeles. the current archbishop banished him from most duties. mahoney saying he looks forward to traveling to rome to participate in the conclave.
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on to other news. the police investigation continues into the 1984 cold case disappearance of kevin collins a close friend of the person of interest tells abc 7 news she figured he was a pedophile. she doesn't believe this man dan ferrian killed the 10-year-old boy. >> the person of interest died five years ago. his name on the death certificate was dan ferrian. the friend worked at one time with his partner at a restaurant living next to them and socialized with them, she asked we not use her real name. >> i thought of him as being a kind and one of the kindest people i've met. >> we'll call her susan. she's referring to a person of interest in the 1984 disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins. police say he had at least five aly. ass. we know he had a sixth.
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sueance knew him as kelly jackson meeting him in 1979. the friendship lasting a daek dek yaid. >> they made me coffee and we were close and neighbors. >> jackson wanted in canada under another al ai. s for a 1973 kidnapping and sexual assault two of juvenile autos they said he'd gotten into trouble in canada. so goitsing to cause problems staying here. and so he knew how to change his identity norkt to leave a paper trail. i think they were conscious about living under the radar. >> jackson never told her he was a fugitive for molesting juf nilz. susan says she didn't know for sure but there are signs he might have liked young boys he did tell me a story it was, had a sexual component about a young boy. >> susan says jackson told bher a boy lifting next door he looked at the child's bedroom window watching him
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explore his sexuality. >> just way he told the story made me go to the oh, that is, that makes me uncomfortable thinking this is over the line he probably had a sort of interest in younger boys. >> witnesses say they saw kevin talking to a tall blond man with a dog. jackson did have a dog and susan says he was a blond but was short. he had a very distinguishable big mustache which no witness mentioned. >> thank you. sky 7 hd is over a tense breaking news situation now in newark, police surround a motel because officers believe a robber is holed up inside of the building. police say the two men robbed
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a bank on the west branch of pa sex o padre parkway. robbers escaped with an unknown amount of cash. >> a fired los angeles police officer facing murder charges a massive manhunt for him has not resulted in an arrest. the district attorney filed murder charges against christopher dorner today accused of shooting a police officer. he is wanted for three murders in fact. the search continues to focus on big bear lake in mountains about 80 miles east of los angeles the truck was found there. >> texas governor rick perry trying to persuade california companies to move to his state. he attempts to poach jobs from here. taking him through southern california.
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a special guest will be watching president ob yaum deliver his state of the union speech. an official says the executive is going to sit in the first lady's box joined by military families, those championing immigration reforms and those whose lives have been touched by gun violence. and you can watch the president's state of the union address live here on abc 7 and abc 7 tomorrow at 6:00. senator marco rubio of florida will deliver republican response. >> hope you'll fun in for that. >> bay area cities home to some of the top incomer autos the luxury car that went up in flames. parked in one of the bay area's high performance auto parts store. >> i'm sandhya patel. we have a warming trend sure to give you spring fever. wait until you hear details coming up.
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>> michael finney looks at what women really want for valentine's day and role coupons play in getting one item on their wish list. stay w
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sky 7 shows you what happened when a mercedes-benz burs into the flames about two hours ago in hayward. nobody was hurt. the car went up in flames parked outside of a specialty auto parts store. the fire department had to call in a special unit spraying foam to put it out. >> intart closer to implementing a year old law that left it been some passengers letting the agency seek prohibition offers against people, orders rather
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against people who do things like urinate in public skroi bart property. they can be banned from stations from 30 days to a year. the law passed in 2011 but has been on hold until bart set up appeal pros ses. >> we do have trouble with people urinatting and that. if it's only that case, i'd support it. >> people fear bart could ban protestors. the first of several community meetings is schedule forward tonight. the transit system are awill youed to ban certain passenger autos california attorney general harris set aside state business for some romance in san francisco part of a powerful campaign from a man who needs a transplant. every day, couples get married in city hall but perhaps no
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ceremony has been as unique this one, they renud their vows. >> it's about folks coming together for an issue larger than us. and it's about love. >> the first time they married it was in icu. the 44-year-old has a rare form of leukemia his chance for survival is a bone marrow trance plant. there are 10 thil milin potential donors only about 7% to 8% are african american. >> african american, asian american, white, hispanic we have different antigens. have you to match those in order to be compatible. >> to bolster chances the couple launched a search using social media and public service announcements. today ceremony is another way to get the word out. as are marrow match drives
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like this one this, afternoon. >> years ago, i donated a kidney. it was a lot of education. get together point it made sense to nee. just something that if i can tep help, it's an easy thing to do. >> kevin is in a journalism program has stanford, his wifr, a mcarthur genius award recipient. they are raising two daughters and determined to fight for heir love, and his life. >> rarely do you get an opportunity in live to help someone or safe another person's life. but this is what can happen. >> the goal is to add a thousand african americans to the national register hoping someone will be a match if not for kevin westin, then for someone else. >> new, we have details on yo you -- how you can become a
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bone marrow donor. you can make a difference in someone's life chris culliver went to the ronald mcdonald house to visit garrett signs. he's battling leukemia and saved bone marrow transplant. his sister, just nine months old was the donor. his mom says he was so excited to see culliver he couldn't sleep last night. like christmas, almost. >> the u.s. census bureau says five of the top 25 most afluent metropolitan areas nrt greater bay area three of the top 10. bridgeport, cut kt has the highest concentration, sab san jose, second highest with nearly 16% making more than $191,000 a year, san francisco ranking fourth, nappa, 10th. santa cruz, watsonville, 11th.
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petaluma, in the 23rd spot. >> another company is planting roots in the talent pool. the office is on matilda place. go daddy has 40 employees and plans to double that this year. >> this will be technology for us. a great place to set up shot. you can't get it in texas. it's here like no other place, really, i think in the world. >> go daddy's vice president of marketing says silicon valley is not just talent rich but a great place for start ups to find funding. >> if you zront a gift yet for
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valentine's day you're in trouble. >> here is michael finney to help you out with last minute idea autos absolutely. a new survey is from men to women so that begs the question, what do women want? there is a new study out looking at just that. >> 15% off any order. jeff is taking me for a spin around his web site extra bucks showing me the valentine's day section offering cash back. extra bucks issued a study showing what women want this valentine's day. 75% are looking for a romantic dinner out. 74%, flowers, 73% cool with any gift. 61% want candy. the good news, the lingering tough economy changed expectations. coupons? recipients are fine with the use. >> not only is not considered
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tacky but 60% of respondents said that it would be a mess step if the giver didn't use a coupon or try to find a deal. >> it's not the fat wallet that counts, either. women so aware at hard tims to-to-whip out a coupon is not a buzz kill. >> over half of the respondents said they'd prefer fit the date used a coupon during the date. and i find that number to be high but... numbers don't lie. over 50%. >> we have a series of reports on flowers and valentine's day. there is great information. they show you how to get a deal. check them out. >> you've done great reporting on this one. >> thank you. >> thank you very much oo. so let's check on weather and see what it's like outside. >> seems like it's spring like.
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we're not there yet but weather feels that way. >> it sure does feel beautiful. sunshine sparkling outside. think again, it's going to get warmer. right now live picture from our camera. check out glorious you can see patches of low clouds out there. and patches into tomorrow morning as well ju. keep that in mind. checking out live doppler 7 hd. we have a radar on mount st. helena. down into santa cruz mountains neither one of them tracking any rain. we're going to be watching for dry conditions. check out current temperatures. it's 5234 san francisco. many areas still holding on to 60s. it got up to 68 this afternoon. at the santa rosa airports
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oakland downtown, it was 62 degrees in pacifica. a beautiful day but only going to get warmer, clear, cold overnight. 70 degree temperatures you're not hearing things. by friday it's going to start to warm up. here is a look at the pacific satellite picture, with this ridge of high pressure remaining strong, none of this storms making it to the bay area were going to remain rain-free. here is a look at the forecast. clear and cold other than patches of low clouds tomorrow going with sunny, mild weather for the entire bay area from coast to inland. and we'll keep temperatures very similar for wednesday before starting to see numbers starting to go up. tomorrow morning make sure your little ones are bundled up and make sure have you a jacket or coat. it's going to get cold. 30 degrees in santa rosa. 3 to
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degrees for new fairfield, mid 30s in concord and fremont. san jose. 35 degrees in santa cruz. 44 in san francisco. highs for tuesday, 62 degrees in san jose it's going to be a sunny day february 12th. this is looking like spring. 60 in millbrae. you want sunshine you've got it. 58 in daily city. temperatures into mid 60 around santa rosa. and 60 for san jose. east bay really around where you should be. 61 union city. 61 fairfield and around the monterey bay. 57 for carmel. fog, 62 degrees in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. as you'll notice temperatures
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will hover around low to mid-60s. valentine's day we're going to crank up temperatures near 70 degrees. by friday, it's going to be sunny mild across the board mid 60s to low 70 was a cooling trend he'dheading into the weekend. the snis sunshine, nice looking weather to warm your loved ones hearts on valentine's day. so go ahead and make plans. >> still ahead dogs that chased away a fowl problem. >> we're excited. we've waited for this. >> new at 6:00 residents are finally getting merchandise more than a year after they've ordered it. explaining what took so long. that is at 6:00. we'll be right bac
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sky 7 over a police standoff, you can see how close sit right there. police surround a motel there. officers believe a bank robber is holed up inside of the building. another man walked out and surrendered to officers about an hour and a half ago. police say the two men robbed a bank about 1:40 this afternoon. >> we'll update on our web site. caltrans locking to stop a copper caper costing taxpayers millions of dollars. over last year, vandals have stolen copper from 59 meters at $35,000 per signal. is a problem they're dealing with all over the state.
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>> we've had to spend $37 million just to replace copper wire. here in the bay area, we spend about $2 million every year. it's $2 million that could be used to fill pot holes or do other number of tasks. >> caltrans is fighting back and starting to use aluminium wire instead of copper. >> city leaders are trying an alternative approach, using dogs to scare away the geese. the city is worried about the big mess caused by 250 geese. their waste can be dangerous for kids. in the first week chasing away about 40% of the geese sou don't see any geese there right now. it's going to stay on the job wan open ended contract to chase the geese until they have none left. >> if you're a dog that is a
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good job. >> the warriors getting ready to suit up with a new look.
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in the abc 7 news newsroom at 6:00 putting an end to one of the worst bottle necks. the final phase of a highway project z a big chunk of money being spent to argue over prison conditions and who the governor claims is dragging out the fight. and if you want to find park yg you should just pull out your smart phone. we'll have those story pz more coming up on abc 7 news tonight at 6:00. >> thank you. >> see you then. >> golden state warriors may not win a title this year but they're going to take a crown for being most fashionable. >> check out warriors players in a shoot around. thogs are the new uniforms.
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>> they said these are the lightest uniforms ever used in the nba. >> they'll use uniform was sleefz as you can sigh, pin stripes in honor of the cables in the new bay bridge. they're light and fashionable. >> okay. >> west coast fashion show will be on hard woods but academy awards airs on sunday only on abc 7. >> check out our app to this is "world news." tonight, the pope resigns. the stunning announcement today from the vatican. why did pope benedict really say he is stepping down? and what does it mean for a billion catholics around the world? in ruins. a tornado roaring up the street. electrical wires dangling. the massive cleanup tonight in one american town. rescue.
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thousands of people stranded on a vacation cruise ship, cut off from the world. and the lifeboat on the way to try to help them tonight. and, honor and valor. the emotional ceremony for a heroic soldier. the lesson he teaches about the american spirit. and an unlikely little star in a suit and tie. good evening on this monday night. a centuries old tradition has been shattered by a surprise. pope benedict, chosen to be pope for life, today announced he will resign, citing his failing strength and health. and the toll of his seven years, nine months and 24 days as pope etched on his face. there he was, as we saw him on day one. and now, much thinner, frailer.
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